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Purchasing and processing wastes that contains precious metals


Recycling process

Catalyst scrap weighing
Catalyst scrap weighing In our company, delivered materials are assigned identification numbers and a card of accounting to be used for all weighing results.
Removal of ceramic from metal casings
Removal of ceramic from metal casings To remove ceramic monoliths of metal tanks, our company uses special hydraulic shears. They are used with a filter system for ceramic dust collection – this helps to prevent any potential material loss.
Ceramic mass weighing
Ceramic mass weighing Our waste accounting system requires us to control the weight of materials in each processing stage. All control and measurement instrumentation in the company is subject to annual metrological verification, and it’s results are recorded in relevant documents.
Material crushing can grinding to homogenous mass (homogenisation)
Material crushing can grinding to homogenous mass (homogenisation) We are well equipped with the mill, and a mixer system producing sufficiently fine particles complying with the required dimensions. Material homogenisation is required for higher quality of sampling.
Sampling After homogenisation, using certified technological devices materials are sampled uninterruptedly according to the specified algorithms and certified methodology. The main phases of the catalyst analysis are sampling and sample distribution. Selection of the correct sampling and sample distribution More
Distribution of samples and sample preparation
Distribution of samples and sample preparation This is done in our laboratory. Our professionals perform certain manipulations with the object of analysis, to prepare the sample for other analyses. The main goal of sample preparation is the preparation of material for a specific kind of analysis. Sample preparation helps to increase the accuracy More
XRF analysis
XRF analysis Our laboratory performs X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis, based on the collection of spectrum obtained by exposing the test substance to x rays, and follow-up analysis. Due to modifications of ground ceramic catalysts in specialised analytical equipment we obtain significantly more accurate More
Prepayment When X-ray fluorescence analysis results are obtained in our laboratory, and exchange rates are identified for 80% of metals found, the customer receives his money to their bank accounts.
Chemical analysis
Chemical analysis The main purpose of chemical analysis is to check the X-ray fluorescence analysis. This is done in order to minimize the possible analysis errors and to increase the accuracy of its results. We work only with modern laboratories, certified in this area, which not only perform accurate and detailed More
Final settlement
Final settlement Upon performing chemical analysis and determining the exchange rates for the remaining 20% of metals, the customer is provided with all documents required for transaction. Cash funds are transferred to the customer's bank account according to specific contract terms.
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